Who Is a Mother?

(Reader – There is one more blog in my trilogy of “Try for Tri” which will appear next Wednesday. This week I wantfree OK Mom to take time to honor our mothers.)

This coming Sunday will be the day set aside for us to honor our mothers.  When thinking about what I wanted to blog about relating to Mother’s Day, I was reminded of a book I used to read to our children entitled Are You My Mother? by P. D. Eastman.  This is a story about a little bird who fell from his nest while his mother was gone getting him some food.  Throughout the book the bird proceeds to ask several animals and machines if one of them is his mother.  Of course, they are not.  Finally he reconnects with his mother.  His desire for and need of a mother         Happy Mother’s Day was so strong that he would have been willing to connect with  anything or anyone
 who would fulfill the mother role for him.                                                                        

free OK Mom if smallMy Reader, you and I most likely know who our biological mother is or was and we do not need to ask, “Are you my mother?”  Exodus 20:12  tells us to honor our mothers, and it also gives us the promise of long life if we do so.  So, my Reader, honor your mother today.  If you are privileged to still have your mother living, let her know how important she is to you. If you only have mom memories, let those memories honor her.

However, my Reader, have you ever asked the question, “Are you my spiritual mother?”  In I Timothy 5:2, Paul says we are to treat older women as mothers.  The women Paul is referring to are the spiritually mature women.  Just like the little bird in the story who desired to find his mother, God has placed within you and me the desire to have a Christian mom who will help provide for spiritual growth.

free OK Mom if smallI have always related to what Paul says about Timothy in II Timothy 1:5, “I have been reminded of your sincere faith, which first lived in your grandmother Lois and in your mother Eunice and, I am persuaded, now lives in you also.”  With this being my situation, my biological mom was also my spiritual mom.  However, my mother died when she was only 56 years old and since then God has blessed me with other godly women who have each been a spiritual mom to me.  These are women who have loved me and spoken words of encouragement and guidance into my life at key times.  My spiritual mom may be chronologically younger or older than I am, but she is definitely more mature in her spiritual walk.  Without these women, I would not be the woman of God I am today.  I like to take time on Mother’s Day to remember my spiritual moms and let them know how they have helped me grow spiritually. How about you, my Reader, can you identify a woman in your life who is your spiritual mother?  Choose a way to honor her this Sunday.

free OK Mom if smallNot only have I been blessed to have biological and spiritual mothers, but I am also blessed to be a biological mom to our children. Now I ask myself, “Has the Lord expanded my motherly instincts for me to be a spiritual mom to others as well?”  Do I have some godly wisdom to share with other women? If so, I must be willing to embrace this role and reach out to these children of God that He has placed in my midst. In Titus 2:3-5, Paul talks about older women teaching younger women to be reverent in the way they live. If I am to teach younger women to live reverently, my lifestyle must be an example.  I must remember that spiritual age is not calculated by the number of years one has lived, but upon the way one has lived as a woman of God.  Being an older woman from this perspective comes with a responsibility.  Now I ask you, my Reader, “Is God calling you to be a spiritual mom?”  If so, I encourage you to make a commitment to the Lord this Mother’s Day telling Him that you are willing to be a spiritual mother. Watch to see who He places into your life.

free OK Mom if smallMay 12, 2013 is Mother’s Day.  I speak to myself as well as to you, my Reader, when I say, “Take time to wish both your biological mom and your spiritual moms a Happy Mother’s Day.  Also remember to be the mother God has called you to be whether it be to your biological children or your spiritual children all year!”

Happy Mother’s Day!



2 thoughts on “Who Is a Mother?

  1. I’ve read the same P.D. Eastman book to my daughter many many times. Now it will take on a whole new meaning next time we read it. You are so right, we should not forget our spiritual mothers. Thank you for serving as a spiritual mother to us with your wisdom. Happy Mother’s Day!


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