Blossoms and Blessings

My friend, Sue, recently gave me a book entitled Apples of Gold compiled by Jo Patty.  The compiler of this book is not able to give credit to the authors of the quotes in her book, but she thinks that the original people would feel that what they said was more important than who said them.  Sue is a follower of my blog and immediately thought of me when she saw this book and I am indebted to her for her gift.  Not only do the book and my blog share the same title, but both are based on Proverbs 25:11.  Thanks Sue and Jo Patty!

So, my Reader, I invite you to go for a walk with me through the garden of blossoms and blessings planted in my blog today.  Summer flowers are growing blooming in our gardens and the insight from these quotes are growing into blessings in my mind.  (I have noted the page of Apples of Gold where I acquired each quote in parentheses after the quote.)  

tulips for garden (MF)

He who sows courtesy reaps friendship,
and he who plants kindness gathers love. (p.10)   morning glories (MF) All flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today. (p.33) 

roses for garden (MF)

He who would have nothing to do with thorns
must never attempt to gather flowers. (p.20) 


Out of the seed the flower,
          Out of the flower the seed;
Out of the need the power
                     Out of the power the deed. (p.68)

violets (MF)

Forgiveness is the fragrance the violet sheds
  on the heel that crushed it. (p.14)

blackeyed susans (MF)

What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity.(p.25)

fpoppies (MF)

Pleasures are like poppies spread;
You seize the flower, the bloom is shed. (p.34)

white flowers (MF)

Keep ascending the mountain of cheerfulness
by daily scattering seeds of kindness
along the way as best you can…(p.23)

pink flowers for garden (MF)

All I see teaches me to trust the Creator for all I do not see (p.67)

My Reader, have you found the beauty in the blossoms and blessings I have shared?  Pick a personal bouquet.  You may choose just one flower to put in a bud vase along with a short quote.  Or, you may create a large arrangement with a variety of flowers that requires a large vase while several quotes will stay in your mind.  Whatever your choice, take time to enjoy the of fragrance of flowers and the wisdom of words.

Joyfullygolden apple #2(MF)


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