Please Pass the “Ps”!

LIFE is a JOURNEY…..a JOURNEY involves CHANGE…..embrace CHANGE in your LIFE…..LIFE is a JOURNEY…..a JOURNEY involves CHANGE….. in your LIFE…..LIFE is a JOURNEY…..a JOURNEY  


Please Pass the “Ps”!

This past Monday everyone celebrated Labor Day in their own way. My husband and I reminisced about this weekend five years ago when we moved into our current home. After living in the same house for 34 years, we decided to move to a different location. Although we did not move an extreme number of miles, the changes were more extreme than I had anticipated. The Lord was with us during this time of transition and imparted some insights to me regarding change. I sensed God saying to me,  “Life is a Journey – A Journey involves Change – Embrace Change in your Life.” I abbreviated this concept to “LJC: Life-Journey-Change.”

If I were to select a scripture that incorporates the Life-Journey-Change viewpoint, it would be Acts 17:28 that says, “For in Him, we live and move and have our being.” The Living Bible translates the verse to say, “For in Him we live and move and are being transformed into His likeness.” To me, this sounds like “Life is a Journey – A Journey involves Change – Embrace Change in your Life.”

During our time of change, I read a meaningful quote by Sarah Young in Jesus Calling. “I will not show you what is on the road ahead, but I will thoroughly equip you for the journey.” Five years ago, I may not have known everything about our new journey in life and where it would lead us but I trusted the Lord to equip us for it. Consequently, we were able to embrace the changes that the Lord required of us.

The Lord led us each step of the way during our move. Without my being fully aware of the impact of what God was doing, He whispered a phrase of encouragement to me with each step we took. In fact, the Lord was giving me a plate full of “Ps”. However, I am not referring to the vegetable. The plate symbolized my life and each “P” was an aspect of change I needed to embrace. My plate of “Ps” included Perceiving, Pursuing, Preparing, Processing, Possessing, Permitting and Proclaiming Change.

The Lord presented me with this plate of “Ps” over several months. Each time the Lord put a new “P” on my plate of life, I meditated upon it and searched God’s Word for confirmation of what was being revealed. Over time, I have come to feel that the Lord not only gave me these insights for myself but that now He wants me to share these “Ps” with others. My Reader, I want to do something different over the next  nine weeks. Each week in my usual blog post, I will be sharing with you what the Lord revealed to me regarding one of these seven steps of change. In addition, I will make a second post with an in-depth Bible study outline. (There may be some repetition between the two posts.) You may use this as a guide for your personal study or you may use it as the basis for a group Bible study. Please feel free to use the information in any way that glorifies the Lord. If you are not interested in the Bible study, feel free to ignore the second post.

To summarize, let me say that five years ago during this time of “L-J-C: Life-Journey-Change” in our lives, I offered the plate of my life to the Lord. He in turn filled  my plate with seven “Ps”. Now I am passing on to you my plate of “Ps”.  My Reader, are you willing to dish up a serving of these “Ps” on to your own plate of life? Taste and see how the “Ps” the Lord offers you will energize you for your Life Journey of Change.

gold apple new

Author’s Note: The Bible Study posted this week gives an overview of the concept “LJC: Life-Journey-Change.”


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