Seventh “P” – Proclaiming Change

LIFE is a JOURNEY…..a JOURNEY involves CHANGE…..embrace CHANGE in your LIFE…..LIFE is a JOURNEY…..a JOURNEY involves CHANGE….. embrace CHANGE in your LIFE…..LIFE is a


Proclaiming Change
“The End is the Beginning”

Today I am sharing with you the seventh and last “P” that the Lord placed upon my plate five years ago when we encountered the Life-Journey-Change experience of moving into a new home. It was quite a journey! After the Lord spoke to me about the sixth “P” of Permitting Change, I thought I was finished. However, God had another idea and another “P” for me. This time He spoke to me about Proclaiming Change. When this knowledge He had imparted to me during our time of physical transition. He spoke into my spiritual ears that I was to proclaim to others what I had learned during this time. The Lord confirmed my need to proclaim change by laying upon my heart the scripture of I Peter 2:9 NKJV, “You are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the promises of Him.”

I had written notes and made files for myself but what was I to do with them? In 2009, I had to STOP and listen more carefully for further direction from the Lord. Was I to teach a Bible study to a group of women in our home? Was I to put the teachings into a format to be published? I had to WAIT until I felt the Lord urging me to start blogging in February 2013. I finally felt like this was the medium I was to use to share these words from the Lord. However, it was not until this past summer that I heard the Lord say GO! On the fifth anniversary of being in our new home, September 2014, it was finally time for me to release in a public form what the Lord had imparted to me. Five years ago was the end of our Life-Journey-Change experience with a new home but the end allowed for the beginning of this blogging series! My phrase for the “P” of Proclaiming Change became “The End is the Beginning.”

My Reader, did you notice that I capitalized the words STOP, WAIT and GO in the previous paragraph? I did it on purpose because of the significance these words had upon how I was to proceed with Proclaiming Change. I was still on my Life-Journey-Change excursion!  Whenever I take a journey on a road, I most likely encounter some traffic lights that I must obey. I must wait for the color of the traffic light to change to green before I can go, or proceed further. Red is on the top, yellow is in the middle and green is at the bottom. However, which light is truly the beginning and which is the end? Yellow is always in the middle, but do I ever think of yellow coming before green while traveling down a road? Red means stop. Green means go. Yellow is supposed to mean slow down or wait, but too many people think it means hurry up and go. Most people put a higher priority on going rather than stopping. If that is the case, then I begin by going and end by stopping. If the opposite is true, then I begin by stopping and end by going. Which ever way I choose to look at it, it can be said that the end is the beginning. I end one action and begin another. The traffic light also tells me something about how I should live my life with red at the top and green at the bottom. From a spiritual perspective, a red light tells me to stop and meditate upon God’s Word and seek His direction before stepping on the gas pedal to go forward. I may need a yellow light cautioning me to wait until I clearly hear the voice of the Lord. If I stop and wait according to the directions of God’s traffic light, then I will be ready to move ahead at full speed when God gives me the green light. I must also be aware that the light will not always stay green. I keep my eyes on the Lord so when He changes the signal color to yellow I will be willing to slow down and not rush ahead trying to continue under my own power. It is my responsibility to be ready to stop when the light turns red and go when the light turns green. The end of one endeavor is most likely the beginning of another undertaking. I still must remember that “Life is a Journey, a Journey involves Change, so embrace Change in Life.” While forging ahead upon the roads of my life’s journey, I will continue to come upon numerous traffic lights. I shall watch when the lights change color and obey the signals. The end of the illumination of one colored light is the beginning of the brightness of another color. An end is always a beginning and a new beginning will always have an end.

As I further meditated upon the messages of the traffic lights, I became aware of another significant fact. How I walked out the journey was as important as the destination. The message the Lord wanted me to proclaim was not that we now lived in a new home, but He wanted me to proclaim how I had walked through the change and how He had been with me each step of the way. Through this particular Life-Journey-Change, God gave me steps that I will repeat in future walks of change as well. In fact, I can testify today that I have applied these seven steps to changes in my journey of life several times over the last five years. My Reader, I pray these “Ps” are helpful to you as you experience your personal “Life-Journey-Change” milestones.

Join me in the Proclaiming Change Bible Study for an opportunity to look more closely at spiritual traffic lights we are encouraged to obey from the beginning to the end or from the end to the beginning.


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