Portraits of People


silhouettes-2nebraskaRecently we returned from a wonderful vacation in rural Nebraska that included renewing relationships with family and friends whom we do not regularly see. I had time to invest in the lives of the people around me. I took time to hear what each person had to say.  As I sincerely wanted to catch with each individual regarding what was happening for them, I listened to their hearts. Today as I sit at the computer, I am pondering the precious moments and memories of our vacation.

sunflower 3A moonlight boat ride on a small lake with people who have big hearts. In peaceful surroundings, we shared peaceful conversation.

sunflower 3Dinner at an Irish pub with cousins and spouses honoring our Irish heritage by retelling old family stories and creating new family memories.

sunflower 3An afternoon spent with a dear sister in Christ at her kitchen table over a cup of tea. It may have been more than a year since we last shared a cup of tea but it seemed like only yesterday. This was only possible because of the bond of Christ we share.

sunflower 3Revisiting familiar farms while being aware of passing on the tending of the fields to the capable hands of a younger generation of future farmers for family land homesteaded over 100 years ago.

sunflower 3Stepping back into a conversation with a step sister-in-law. We had each taken too many steps since having a chance to share our families and lives.

sunflower 3A spur of the moment lunch with a cousin that could have only happened that particular day because of her and our commitments.

sunflower 3Staying overnight with a favorite cousin and her husband in a warm, welcoming environment. Even overnight was not enough time to spend with this lady.

Genesis 1:26 records, “Then God said, ‘Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness;’” So, during our vacation, whenever I spent time with a different person I was privileged to see a unique facet of the character and likeness of God. I felt it was a privilege to listen to and reconnect with these people – individuals who are special to me and to God, each one an extraordinary creation by God. I was blessed that he Lord chose these times to reveal more of Himself to me. I felt like I was experiencing the fulfillment of Romans 1:12 NLT, “When we get together, I want to encourage you in your faith, but I also want to be encouraged by yours.”

While in Nebraska, not only did I enjoy being in the presence of these special people, but I also sensed the presence of the Lord. However, today I remind myself that I do not have to be on vacation to be aware of the attributes of God portrayed in people’s lives. I simply need to take time to see each person I interact with as a unique individual revealing Christ to me. Paul concludes the book of Romans by mentioning 26 personal names along with reference to other families and groups of people. People were important to Paul. People are important to me. People are important to God.

My Reader, how about you? Each of us can make our own list of people who are examples of Christ to us. I encourage you to see the people who surround you as portraits of our Lord.

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5 thoughts on “Portraits of People

  1. Cheryl,

    Sounds so special. I am sure each one was more than blessed by your visit and your listening ear.

    Mary Lou


  2. What a wonderful way to think about people – the unique way they’re made in God’s image. Your friends and family had the special privilege of seeing many of God’s attributes portrayed in you, too.


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